Experience In Maintenance And Renovation Of Ultrafine Mill

When the ultrafine mill is working, if there is a fault, it needs to be repaired. In the process of repairing, it will find some shortcomings, and these shortcomings need to be improved, so that it can better meet the needs of production, make it get better development, and in the aspect of maintenance and transformation of the machine. Experiments can help staff to better use the machine, here is to introduce these experiences mainly include what aspects of the problem.

Maintenance And Renovation Of Ultrafine Mill

  • 1. The improvement of the grinding roller rack can improve the production capacity. The specific operation is to lengthen the roller rack, which is generally 160 mm longer. Four more grinding rollers can be arranged. This can increase the grinding area of the ultrafine mill when it is working. It can not only effectively improve the production efficiency, but also effectively improve the production qualifications. The number of finished products reduces the occurrence of over-comminution.
  • 2. The improvement of the upper rack can make the maintenance more aspect. The main operation is to change the integral structure of the upper rack into the split structure. When the maintenance turns from the original, the rotor can be lifted out only by removing the left part of the split part. This transformation needs to cut the upper rack of the ultrafine mill when it is in progress. Open, then weld a pair of flanges, in addition to welding, stress removal is required to ensure the assembly performance of the machine. In addition, the radian of the grinding roller rack R520 is changed to R510. The purpose of this is to reduce the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding plate, and to facilitate the adjustment of the grinding roller rack. When the grinding plate is worn, the grinding roller rack can be adjusted sufficiently. Integral location is very helpful for later use and maintenance.
  • 3. Surfacing reinforcement of grinding roller rack and grinding roller can prolong the service life of the grinding roller rack and reduce material consumption. The specific operation is as follows. After its installation and positioning, the grinding roller rack is strengthened by surfacing with wear-resistant surfacing electrode, and the surfacing height of its wear-prone working face is raised to about 5 mm. At the same time, the grinding roller is welded and fixed on the grinding roller rack. The operation can reduce the deformation of grinding roll rack and the scattering of grinding rolls in the production of ultrafine mill equipment, which can effectively play a protective role.
  • 4. The performance of the rotor can be guaranteed by the static and dynamic balance test. The general operation step is to install the strike balance grinding plate. This operation can effectively prevent the occurrence of vibration in the production process. The foundation of the grinding machine and the foundation of the drive motor are integrated and concrete masonry is used to enhance its anti-vibration performance. In order to avoid damaging the foundation by vibration, it can be of great help to its performance.

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