How to Maintain Ultrafine Mill In Autumn2019-09-25


People need to wear different clothes, eat different things and do different exercises to maintain themselves according to the different temperatures throughout the year. The same machinery and equipment also need to be maintained, and the maintenance measures needed in different seasons are different. For example, the equipment needs to be cooled in summer. How to maintain it in autumn?

At present, there are many vendors of ultrafine mill equipment on the market, which not only results in the different quality of equipment, but also makes the guidance of each manufacturer for the maintenance measures of equipment different, which causes troubles to the maintenance of equipment for customers. Some customers clearly do not use much after purchasing ultrafine mill. For a long time, there will be malfunction, which is mainly caused by incorrect operation and maintenance methods. The following is about the maintenance measures of ultrafine grinder for autumn temperature.

Maintenance Measures of Ultrafine Mill

1. Regular maintenance of ultrafine mill equipment is inevitable, and the maintenance of equipment is divided into overhaul, mid-repair and minor repair. The focus of the three repairs is not the same. The minor repair mainly includes inspection and repair and adjustment of the device, better to be able to carry out once a month, while the Medium-repair is in minor repair. On the basis of the work, in the inspection of liner and replacement of the core components such as thrust plate, this maintenance is very professional, it is recommended to find a high-quality maintenance company to complete, and the overhaul of the project will be more huge, no matter how detailed, each should be taken into account, such as the replacement of eccentric shaft, the replacement of all kinds of already.

2. In order to reduce the wear and tear of ultrafine grinder equipment, it is necessary to select suitable lubricating oil according to the local temperature in autumn, and to prevent the change of lubricating oil properties caused by different temperatures, so the lubricating oil with stable properties should be selected.

3. Because of the low temperature in late autumn, the grinding operation can not be carried out immediately after the start-up. It is necessary to carry out ldquo; preheating rdquo; operation, that is to say, grinding production of materials after the equipment has been running for a period of time.