Problems In The Grinding Ring Of Ultrafine Mill2019-09-20


Now we usually pay attention to the problem of wear resistance when choosing and purchasing machines, because no matter what type of mining machines, when working, due to the problems of production principle, it will cause wear phenomenon, which is the same for the ultra-fine mill equipment of fine powder production, and the wear resistance of its material. Degree is also very important because good wear resistance can extend the service life of the mill, so this is very important.

But the factors that affect the service life of ultrafine mill are not only the wear resistance of material, but also the internal parts. The more important parts are roll grinding rings. The grinding rings are an important core part in the production. What questions do they store? What’s the problem?

Problems In The Grinding Ring Of Ultrafine Mill

Ultrafine mill for material production, is the extrusion of roller and ring to complete, in the work, ring wear is inevitable, but different wear resistance will make its degree of wear different, so we need to use excellent wear resistance material to produce ring, which is one of the side. Noodles. Then for the maintenance of the grinding ring, in order to slow down the wear phenomenon, some necessary maintenance measures can be taken, such as the addition of lubricating oil and the screening of materials, which mainly refers to the reduction of foreign bodies in materials, so as to reduce the occurrence of wear.

This paper mainly introduces some problems about the storage of grinding rings of ultrafine grinders. The above two aspects are mainly given. One is the selection of wear-resistant materials, the other is the maintenance in production, all of which are to prolong their service life and make them work better.