Varieties Of Micro-Powder Food In Ultrafine Mill2019-09-28


Ultrafine mill technology is a process of grinding, impacting and shearing materials by using various special grinding equipments and through certain processing process, grinding materials with particle size above 3 m m to fine particles with particle size below 10μ m-25μ m, so that the products have interfacial activity and show special functions. 。 Compared with the traditional grinding, crushing, grinding and other processing technologies, the particle size of ultrafine grinding products is smaller.

applications of ultrafine mill technology in food industry

1. Ultrafine mill technology can improve the quality of food

2. ultrafine mill technology is conducive to the development of new resources

However, in order to further improve the quality of food, obtain better taste, enhance the technological effect, and give full play to the potential advantages of resources, it is required to highly particulate the materials. Ultrafine grinding technology has become one of the advanced technologies with more development prospects in the food industry. Shibang Ultrafine Mill can adjust the fineness between 325 meshes and 2500 meshes arbitrarily. It has outstanding advantages in food processing.