C6X Jaw Crusher

The C6X series jaw crusher draws on the international crushing technology and manufacturing level, and can be used for coarse and medium crushing of hard and strong abrasive ores and rocks. Low cost, long service life and stability will surely become the world’s most popular jaw crusher.

Product Details

  • [Input Size]: 0-1280mm
  • [Capacity]: 160-1510TPH
  • [Material]: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore

Introduction of C6X Jaw Crusher

In order to solve the problems of low production efficiency and difficult installation and maintenance of the existing jaw crusher on the market, our company is a well-known supplier of rock and mineral processing equipment, based on years of product development and thousands of production line engineering service experience. Developed a new generation of energy-efficient jaw crusher–C6X series jaw crusher. Its equipment structure, function and production efficiency all reflect the modern advanced technology level and become the ideal in the domestic and international markets.

Structure and Performance of C6X Jaw Crusher

C6X series jaw crusher consists of frame assembly, jaw plate assembly assembly assembly, moving jaw assembly, wheel assembly, adjusting device assembly, transmission tension assembly and foot installation assembly assembly. It has high kinematics performance and strong power, which ensures its continuous and stable operation in harsh mines or harsher production environment.

1. Removable and non-welded frame has high reliability: the frame adopts side wall and front and rear wall separation design, and replaces the previous welded frame by high strength bolt fixation, which avoids the stress concentration problem caused by welding and makes the structure more compact and reliable; the main components are easy to replace after fatigue damage, thus prolonging the use of crusher. Life expectancy, cost saving for customers; in the case of limited transport space, through the dismantling of transport can meet the special working environment.

2. Optimizing the cavity structure and high crushing efficiency: By optimizing the equipment structure, the crushing cavity shape, moving jaw trajectory and rotating speed parameters, reasonable inertia moment and larger crushing stroke can be obtained, so that the crusher has higher crushing efficiency under the same energy consumption.

3. Double wedge adjusting device is more convenient to adjust: wedge adjusting replaces traditional cushion plate type adjusting of discharge outlet, making the operation of discharge outlet adjusting simpler, faster and safer.

4. Elastic limit shock absorber is more stable in operation: elastic limit block and rubber shock absorber are used instead of rigid foot connection, which can effectively absorb the peak load of vibration, reduce the impact between crusher and foundation, reduce the fatigue damage to foundation and improve the service life of crusher.

5. Integrated motor base, easy to install and adjust: integrated motor base design, motor base fixed on crusher, saving installation space; pin hinge belt tension scheme to make power transportation more stable, more convenient to adjust

6. Superior raw materials and components, high specifications and high standards: select key components provided by large brand manufacturers; use alloy cast steel materials for side panels and front and rear wall panels to ensure processing accuracy through CNC gantry milling machine; use pin-shaft connection to achieve rapid disassembly and assembly, improves assembly standards and ensures the stability of the crusher.

C6X series jaw crusher uses mature manufacturing technology, chooses excellent raw materials and castings and forgings. Through numerous optimization of crushing chamber structure and motion parameters, the new design structure and crushing technology will make it a bright star in the future gravel aggregate crushing and crushing market.

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