Application Of Cone Crusher In Limestone Aggregate

Limestone is widely used in the production of concrete aggregates due to its good fragility and low abrasiveness. Especially for cement companies, the use of limestone tailings to produce aggregates has many advantages, but some companies choose The improper type and other reasons caused long-term losses and even failed to shut down, so this article introduces several limestone aggregate crushing processes and equipment, and analyzes the cost and finished product effect of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher compared with other equipment.

1. Limestone aggregate crushing process and equipment introduction

The crushing of limestone aggregates currently adopts the following four crushing processes and equipment:

  • (1) The first scheme jaw crusher + impact crusher: a process widely used at home and abroad, especially for world-class enterprises. The process is mature and reasonable, the operation rate is high, and the equipment investment is moderate.
  • (2) The second type of impact crusher + impact crusher: In China, the process emerged after the primary impact crusher matured, which is characterized by short processes, low power consumption, high operating rate, and moderate equipment investment.
  • (3) The third scheme hammer crusher + hammer crusher: simple process, less equipment investment, but low operating rate, more powdery materials, with the hammer head wear, the output has dropped significantly.
  • (4) The fourth option Jaw Crusher + Cone Crusher (the spring cone crusher is not discussed, because the needle and flake particles are higher): This process is generally used for the crushing of highly abrasive rocks. In limestone There are not many application cases on this, because the investment is large and the maintenance requirements are high. However, the proportion of powdery materials in the product is less in all processes, which is of great significance for areas where the price of powdery materials (0 ~ 10mm) is low.

2. Application of Multi-cylinder Full Hydraulic Cone Crusher

By configuring and designing the limestone aggregate crushing production line in practice, it is found that using a multi-cylinder full hydraulic cone crusher is another excellent choice for limestone production in the limestone aggregate production process.

3. Cost comparison and analysis

The comparative analysis shows that the economic value of the scheme jaw crusher + cone crusher is higher than the traditional hammer crusher + hammer crusher and jaw crusher + impact crusher. Compared with traditional equipment, the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a more stable particle size composition, better granularity, simple operation and flexible adjustment, and a yield of more than 80%. Therefore, when selecting equipment, we must consider market factors, product quality, and comprehensive operating costs of the production line. We must conduct economic benefit analysis according to local conditions and choose a suitable solution.

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