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Cone crusher machine in the current mining crushing production line, using the integration of world-class advanced production technology and high-end production of materials to build, cone crusher crushing industry during its crushing production line of high yield, cone crusher equipment advanced and reasonable structure. Meanwhile, in the current mining crushing production line, the higher the efficiency of cone crusher, but also do routine maintenance and repair work. Cone crusher equipment for everyday use in the process of wearing parts, the entire crushing production line use to provide better protection.

Technical features and advantages

Cone crusher has different sizes and configurations, and the difference between the structure also affects the cone crusher features and details of the production of power and production capacity. Therefore, in the selection of the cone crusher types, they should select suitable materials and functions from a broken cone crusher needs to complete the normal operation of the production. Cone crusher cavity of the broken material product quality, size, particle size has a significant impact. Suitable crushing chamber design, can effectively improve the crushing efficiency cone crusher, and reduce power consumption and equipment wear. However, a good crushing chamber is not inherent in the program. In many cases, programs are based on customer demand for the finished design decisions, therefore cavity crushing chamber are also different. Furthermore, in order to meet customer requirements, the program also need to be designed by a professional technician.

Basalt, granite, iron ore, limestone and other construction sand and gravel are the main source of basic material production. However, these large lump ore and hard, must be a solid and reliable after crushing crusher equipment can be used as a construction sand and gravel. Cone crusher with its unique design and superior performance in broken field, the construction sector has become the major highways, railways, water conservancy and hydropower indispensable crushing equipment. Cone crusher is widely used in the mining industry, as we are concerned about how much of a cone crusher problems, we should analyze the following three aspects: first choice according to your needs, then your workplace is suitable cone crusher normal production operations, and the third is based on your needs and the type of cone crusher model you have purchased, and cone crusher related support equipment. This crushing line has already broken. It is the Japanese machine who is already collapsed. Although it is still working, it can only achieve 100tph which is designed 250tph as the one of the cone crusher can`t work anymore.

Cone Crusher Working principles and applications

The rapid development of infrastructure to open up a huge market for aggregate demand, high-quality construction sand and gravel aggregate also warmly welcomed by the market, the demand for quality infrastructure projects gravel materials increases, the quality requirements are increasingly more stringent, cone crusher is committed to infrastructure construction, the production out of the sand and gravel than other crusher of sand and gravel to be better. Cone crusher is widely used in a variety of hard, medium, fine ore fields especially hard materials, cement, refractory materials, bauxite, carborundum, glass raw materials high. Cone crusher in mechanism building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag crushing is to get widespread use, compared with other types of cone crushers yield efficiency more high.

Cone crusher is an efficient crushing machine, its high yield, high hardness materials for can also play a very good crushing effect. It also has a different cavity to provide support for different crushing requirements. These are the advantages of cone crusher. As a highly efficient equipment, the cone crusher in the market, there is still much room for development, it can be put to use in many industries. 1. Two cone crusher have been used to extend the capacity. The previous cone crusher As the PYB1750 can`t achieve its capacity as we expected. So our cone crusher S66 has replaced his position to be the secondary crusher. The HPC220 and PYB1750 should be the tertiary crusher. 2. Because of the limited land, the location of the motor, the oil tank, the belt conveyor must be measured accurately. The photo shows that our engineer is confirming the dimensions of the land. 3. Based on the previous steel structure, the width and length of the belt should be measured accurately. 4. The distributor should be designed to meet the previous screen height.

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