Copper Processing Plant Application

Copper ore producers process, the possibility of mining machinery manufacturer for copper powder selected project implementation, effectiveness, and how to implement the relevant technical solutions and financial effects of specific, in-depth, detailed technical feasibility and economic order determine the election copper powder equipment, copper ore flotation device at a reasonable selection of technically sound, cost-effective economically optimal solution. Copper ore basically go through the selected device copper powder, copper ore flotation beneficiation and processing equipment, the main method is sorting copper flotation, re-election and magnetic separation are also applied. Copper ore producers process, copper ore production line process design storage capacity of rich copper ore, copper ore mining is also very hot. Design and production of copper ore crushing production line process has been recognized by our customers.

Copper Ore Beneficiation Technology

  • 1. Process mineralogy studies have shown that oxidized copper ore in the flotation process, due to changes in its mineral composition and structure, and the presence of water-soluble copper minerals, and will result in the activation of pyrite in the beneficiation process, to increase copper sulfur separation difficult.
  • 2. For many of refractory copper polymetallic ores, mostly due to copper and other elements such as lead, zinc, etc., and mutual disseminated pyrite, complex relationships, and chalcopyrite output size are generally relatively small, only finely ground to monomer dissociation, but often result in decreased recovery and still not qualified copper concentrate.
  • 3. The use of “finely ground flotation” process in order to obtain a single copper concentrate, not only will increase the cost of grinding, also make gangue mineral mud of sulfide mineral surface contamination, affecting other sorting operations. According to the nature of the ore, through the purpose of dissemination size of minerals, the degree of dissociation characteristics of research, determine a reasonable beneficiation processes.
  • 4. In recent years, the process mineralogy work more by geology, mineral processing workers seriously. Mineral Research also pay more attention to the process with reality, based on the traditional testing methods based on the use of advanced equipment, technology for in-depth study conducted minerals lay a foundation for improving recovery rates, utilization of minerals play an important role .

Copper Processing Plant

Copper ore processing and production processes include: crushing, grinding, beneficiation three processes. Crushing process, closed-circuit crushing three sections are the most suitable for modern high hardness copper ore crushing, ore crushing and partial to complete dissociation of the work, thereby improving the efficiency of the subsequent grinding; grinding process, a two-stage grinding is closed efficient grinding process can make copper milling more fully; beneficiation process, the more successful new technology has emerged in recent years is mainly representative flotation processes.

Copper Processing Plant Application

Copper is widely used, various departments of the national economy and people’s lives in the essential raw materials. Copper ore copper mill is a very close relationship with human non-ferrous metals, are widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, defense industry and other fields in the consumption of non-ferrous materials after aluminum. Copper is mainly used in the electric power industry in the manufacture of power transmission lines, cables, busbars, transformers, switches, plug connectors and connectors. The copper used in manufacturing in the electronics industry, vacuum devices, HF and UHF transmitting tube, crossing catheter magnetron. Applied to the thermal power plant of the main carry copper condenser and condenser tube plate manufacturing in the energy and petrochemical industries. The copper used in the transportation industry, is one of the standard material for shipbuilding. Copper in mechanical and metallurgical industries can be applied to improve the strength of steel and resistance to corrosive atmosphere and oceans.

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