Dolomite Milling Production line


Processing Material: Dolomite Production Process: Dry production Production Capacity: 800t/H Production Granularity: 600-800 Meshes Uses Of Finished Products: Refractories, fertilizers, cement raw materials, etc. Quality Of Finished Products: Fine powder products Use of Dolomite Powder Dolomite p

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Detailed Introduction

Use of Dolomite Powder

Dolomite powder can be used as refractory lining, slag-making agent, cement raw material, glass flux, kiln industry, fertilizer, stone for building and decoration, paint, insecticide and medicine for steel-making converter. It can also be used in building materials, ceramics, glass and refractory, chemical industry, agriculture, environmental protection, energy saving and other fields.

Field Introduction Of Dolomite Grinding Powder

This dolomite grinding production line is specially designed by our company’s designers and technicians according to this investor in Zhejiang Province. Therefore, in terms of technology and technology, from pre-crushing, grinding, dust removal to finished product section, and equipment configuration, our company is through practical experience and users themselves. The actual situation of the design, from the commissioning operation to now, the machine has good operation effect, low failure rate, quality assurance, production of dolomite powder sales are good, downstream market is wide.

Production Process

During processing, dolomite raw material is quantitatively fed by metering screw conveyor to jaw crusher, and finely crushed. The fine crushed dolomite ore is transported to vibrating screen by transdermal belt conveyor for screening. The upper part of the screen is fed back to hopper by belt conveyor and finely broken again. The particle size of the lower part of the screen can be less than 3mm. The feed requirement of ultra-fine grinding is raised from bucket elevator to intermediate warehouse to prepare for ultra-fine grinding. In ultra-fine grinding, the hoist feeds the material quantitatively to the ultra-fine grinder for ultra-fine grinding. Finally, the ultra-fine powder is transferred from the air outlet of the classifier to the feeder to collect the finished products, and centralized into the finished product warehouse for packaging.

Characteristics of Production line

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