Factors Influencing Dust Removal Bag Life of Ultrafine Mill

Ultrafine mill is a kind of equipment for fine powder production. In the process of work, dust may occur. In order to avoid its harm to the environment, it is necessary to remove dust. Now the commonly used tool is bag dust collector, but the tool has a certain service life, and its service life is related to many factors. Here, life and many factors should be analyzed. The question of whether the nature of the ore is related.

  • (1) The chemical properties of ore, when the superfine mill is working, it can be used to produce corrosive materials such as strong acid, strong alkali and so on. If these materials are processed for a long time, it is easy to cause corrosion to the parts inside the mill. The same dust collector will also be corroded. Therefore, in normal production, if it is necessary to process such materials. Material, the need for ultrafine mill dust bag for special protection;
  • (2) Dust removal bags used in ultra-fine equipment are generally easy to wear down at the lower part, because the powder below has a fast flow rate and strong friction, which is also a phenomenon that shortens its life. In view of this phenomenon, we can only choose more solid material bags as dust removal material.

By introducing the reasons for the shortening of the service life of the dust collector of the ultra-fine mill, we can find that not only the parts but also the wear and tear of the dust collector, so we should pay attention to some special ways to protect the parts and prolong their service life in production.

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