Granite Aggregate Production Line

The production line mainly consists of feeder, jaw crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, vibrating screen, vertical impact crusher, etc. Combined with belt conveyor, the integrated aggregate production line is made. Its designed throughput is generally 50-500 t/h. This production line features with high efficiency, low energy, low operating cost, large output, economical rationality, etc.

The processes of production line are as follows: after mining, granite ore is sent to jaw crusher by vibrating feeder for rough crushing; when granite ore is crushed to reasonable fineness, it is ongoing integer by hydraulic cone crusher; ,then crushed again by vertical impact crusher; ,finally, the products are screened out by vibrating screen. The sizes of products depend on the types of crushing plants and vibrating screens.

Granite processing plant

Granite features with high hardness and high resistance to abrasion. Besides ornamental project of advanced buildings and ground of hall, it is also the preferred material of outdoor sculpture. Meanwhile, granite is excellent building aggregate.

Granite Mining

The mining processes of granite mine orderly is: parent rock separation → knocking over → incision → integer → daggling & process → lifting & transport → slag removing. The mining technology will be applied in stages of parent rock separation, incision, and integer in varying degree. Different mining methods will be combined according to various needs, which can improve efficiency of mining and reduce mining cost.

Decorative Granite Processing

The technological processes of stone processing plant: raw stone mining – roughcast- lathe molding- grinder polishing – trimming cut – chamfer angle – hole boring – quality supervise –packing, etc.

Granite Aggregate processing equipment

Crushing plants: jaw crusher, impact crusher, impulse-type crusher, portable crushing station

Screening plants: vibrating screen

Grinding plants: ball Ball mill, Raymond mill

Granite crushing production line is mainly used for producing construction aggregate and way slag.

Granite crushing & screening plant

Granite belongs to a class of materials which is hard to be crushed so there can be relative flexibility in crushing craft design and two-stage crushing can be used. However, from the perspective of long-term production, three-stage crushing craft is the way that can effectively reduce the production cost.

If the demand of finished stone grain type in customers’ markets is not high, two-stage Jaw crushing can be used for producing. This granite crushing process is the one with lowest investment and the simplest maintenance and the most economic production cost among all the projects. However, the shortcoming is that grain type is not so good and ratio of needle flaky materials is highed.

To improve the stone grain type(Multi-row cubes), Jaw Crusher with combining with Impact Crusher can be used. Although its investment is a little higher, the stone grain type is very more better. However, for the reason that granite belongs to a class of materials which is hard to be crushed, the wearing pieces in Impact Crusher will be worn so the added production cost in long term production may be increased. For the granite features with brittleness, this method is of the project that can be accepted.

We can added a set of laminated crushers between Jaw Crusher and Impact Crusher if there are demands of good grain type and demand of low production cost. This laminated crusher can be fine Jaw Crusher or Cone Crusher. In this project, the main crushing work can be finished by primary crushing and secondary crushing(laminated crushing) and the Impact Crushed can do final integer crushing. This configuration process can greatly reduce anti-materials which are formed in sieving. If there are a lot of anti-materials in a production line, the last crusher will do more repeated crushing so that the loss of wearing piece will be greatly increased.

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