Maintenance Of Bearing Of Ultrafine Mill

Ultrafine mill is very common in industrial production. It occupies a certain position in the mill industry, especially in the precision instrument industry. It plays an important role in grinding. Its output is high, energy consumption is low, and product fineness is high. It can meet the requirements of ultrafine powder. In the process of mill operation, bearing plays an important role. It supports the movement of shaft and brings power to mill production. The consequence of motor without bearings is that it can not achieve normal work, and there is no way to achieve transmission without bearings. Moreover, in order to reduce the impact on transmission, the high-speed shaft should be lubricated well.

Because there will be friction in the working process of ultrafine mill, in order to get good results, users should carefully lubricate and maintain the machine. So, in the process of maintenance and maintenance, what should we pay attention to?

Cautions for Bearing Maintenance of Ultrafine Mill

In the process of maintenance, in fact, only need to pay attention to the characteristics of the machine and use requirements, which is very helpful to the ultrafine mill. Because the bearing of crusher bears all the loads of the machine, good lubrication has a great relationship with the life of the bearing. It directly affects the service life and operation rate of the machine. Therefore, the lubricant injected must be clean and the seal must be good. For mills, there are four main lubrication areas: rotating bearings, roll bearings, all gears, movable bearings, sliding planes and so on, because these are easy to be worn and neglected.

In addition, for newly installed tyres, because they are prone to loosening, they must be checked frequently. In the process of maintenance, attention should be paid to the normal operation of all parts of the machine; attention should be paid to the wear degree of wearable parts, and attention should be paid to the replacement of worn parts at any time. For the chassis plane of the movable device, dust and other objects should be removed so as to avoid serious accidents when the machine encounters materials that can not be broken, the movable bearing can not move on the chassis. Bearing temperature is a very sensitive working signal, when the bearing oil temperature rises, stop immediately to check the reasons to eliminate.

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