New Green Environmental Protection Construction Waste Crusher

The new type of construction waste crusher is a new and efficient crushing equipment. In the era of rapid change, all walks of life follow the pace of continuous development. More sand and stone are needed. Before giving full play to its value, the new type of construction waste crusher is handy in the treatment of urban construction waste by processing and crushing through special equipment to form artificial sand.

New construction waste crusher in quarry is handy

In the design, combined with various needs, the optimized deep-cavity rotor is adopted, so that the construction waste throughput is increased by about 30%, the special launcher and the interior are more fluent and curvilinear design, which increases a lot of productivity, is less affected by the environment and weather, can handle a variety of construction waste, and the quarry is more handy.

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, many products are moving from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. The new construction waste crusher combined with intelligent operating system PLC, centralized treatment by electronic control, finished construction waste without impurities, uniform and orderly granularity, and simple operation.

SBM is a user and quality assurance. It is made of new wear-resistant and compressive raw materials and designed a combined throwing head. It only needs to replace the worn part of the throwing head, which can reduce a lot of costs. The diamond impact block is used to avoid damage to the upright plate after material impact wear and tear, and the service life is longer.

New construction waste crusher green environmental protection in action

Faced with environmental problems, we should take action to injure the environment and ourselves at the same time. Mining industry generally works in open-air environment. Environmental protection issues are paid more attention to. Special sealing structure is designed at the lower end of the spindle to ensure no oil seal and no oil leakage. High-efficiency and low-noise motor with high protection level is selected. Reducing energy consumption and self-circulation design of internal air flow in swirl chamber can effectively alleviate dust overflow on site. There is basically no dust and noise in operation, and green environmental protection is in action.

New Construction Waste Crusher Price

SBM has been producing various kinds of mining machines for many years. It has constantly learned and innovated core technologies. It has rich experience in production, management and sales. It has gone all out to complete every link and cooperated with the installation and commissioning of production line free of charge. In the later period, it will be free of charge to check and repair on call. Therefore, many returnees have firmly chosen SBM, which is in the course of purchasing. The new construction waste crusher is more affordable because of its direct contact with the rest of the world and no redundant and complex links.

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