Parts and Their Functions In Ultrafine Mill

Ultrafine mill composition and production, need a lot of parts to cooperate, these parts play different roles in production, some in production, wear more serious, they belong to wear-resistant parts, easy to be valued by people, such as bearings, grinding rolls, and other wear is not serious, so will be ignored, such as Electric cabinet and so on, we are here to introduce what parts are easily neglected, and how they play a role in production.

Parts and Functions of Ultrafine Mill

For ultrafine mill, different parts cooperate with each other to complete the production process of materials smoothly. In the interior of the machine, there are two kinds of accessories which are easy to be ignored and play an important role: electric cabinet and ammeter. Here we introduce the impact of the two on production.

1. Electric cabinet, this part is the main supporting equipment in the superfine mill. Its function for production is to facilitate management and operation, and to ensure the safe production process. It is also an indispensable part for the whole set of mills and large-scale production. Therefore, in production, no matter which type of mill we choose, it is all available. It is necessary to use the fittings reasonably, and its function can not be ignored.

2. Amperometer, the function of this part in superfine mill is to detect the operation of equipment. If the operation is not normal or the operation conditions have changed, the current will change to a certain extent. For example, in production, if the amount of ore is increased, it will cause the phenomenon of ” belly swelling ” At that time, the current value of ammeter will decrease. For example, in production, when the screw loosening occurs, the current will rise and fall periodically and oscillate seriously. Therefore, the observation of ammeter can detect abnormal phenomena in production in time.

The article mainly introduces the types of parts which are easily neglected inside the superfine mill and the important role of these parts in production. The article mainly introduces two parts which are easy to be neglected and play an important role, electric cabinet and ammeter, and gives a detailed introduction of their roles in production. So, we need to attach importance to these two components in the actual use process.

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