Pebble Sand Making Machine

sand making machine Pebble against material from the name you can see, I believe that before we understand device performance nature of the Pebble have a great understanding, which is a very hard stone. Northwest China has a vast wealth of Pebble resources, knowledgeable people know that this is a very good stone, sand and gravel industry value is quite high. But then again you want to smash things is not a sentence or two, but they have to choose a suitable sand making machine according to the actual situation. For example, starting a size larger Pebble sand making machine for crushing counterattack, if small particle size, then you can directly use the counter-crushing machine to complete the job.

Pebble Sand Making Machine Works

Pebble sand making machine works: such products for continuous operation devices, at work, driven by the motor, the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the material into the first crushing chamber broken, and the impact on the rotor hammer crusher, and then into the second crushed crushing chamber, the last in the discharge port. Features: performance, reliability, simplify the process, simple structure, easy maintenance. Production capacity, long life hammer. Crusher investment lower than the same size of the traditional craft equipment 35% -50% higher than the same scale output efficiency of traditional craft equipment 35% -50%. Maintenance costs are also lower than the long-run the same scale traditional craft equipment 35% -50%, widely used mechanism for sand and gravel, highway, railway, water conservancy, airport, construction, cement, refractories, metallurgy and other industries producing high-quality stone.

Features Of Sand Making Machine

  • 1. The structure is simple and reasonable, since the strike-breakers, the use of ultra-low-cost;
  • 2. Unique spindle bearing installation and advanced design, so that the machine has a heavy load and high speed rotation characteristics.
  • 3. With crushing, coarse grinding function;
  • 4. High reliability, tight security device to ensure that equipment and personal safety;
  • 5. smooth running, working noise, energy efficient, high crushing efficiency;
  • 6. little impact by material moisture content, moisture content up to about 8%;
  • 7. The vulnerability of low-loss, all wearing parts are made of high quality wear-resistant materials at home and abroad, long service life. A small amount of wear parts made of special hard wear-resistant material, small size, light weight, ease of replacement parts.

APebble Sand Making Machine

sand making machine also known as river pebbles Pebble sand making machine, where the user must lift the misunderstanding has been these two devices, there is a kind of equipment, but we have a different name for nothing. There are a lot of production of the series sand making machine manufacturers in Zhengzhou area, but to be honest in the technology and experience have not sorted out the SBM of the dozens of years old yard par enterprises. Having said all this is to tell you that our own sand making machine produced with confidence, it is worth considering the user purchases

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