Working Principle And Structure Of Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is a kind of crushing machine which uses impact energy to break. When the material enters into the action area of the plate hammer, it is broken by the high-speed impact of the plate hammer, and it is thrown to the impact device installed above the rotor to break again, and then it bounces back from the impact liner to the action area of the plate hammer to break again. This process is repeated until the material is crushed to the required particle size and discharged from the lower part of the machine. Adjusting the gap between the counter frame and the plate hammer can change the size and shape of the material.

The machine adopts the self weight safety device on the rear frame. When the non broken materials enter the crushing chamber, the front and rear impact frames will back up, and the non broken materials will be discharged from the machine.

Structure and characteristics

The impact crusher is mainly composed of rotor, impact frame, frame, ratchet flap (hydraulic flap) and transmission parts.

1. Rotor 2. Reaction frame 3. Frame

Rotor Part

The rotor body is the heart part of the machine (see Figure 2 below). The rotor frame is welded with steel plate, the plate hammer is fixed in the right position, and the axial limit device can effectively prevent the plate hammer from moving.

The plate hammer is made of high wear-resistant material. The whole rotor has good dynamic and static balance and impact resistance.


The frame is composed of three solid and torsion resistant box welding structures, which are connected with each other by high-strength bolts. To ensure safe and reliable replacement of vulnerable parts, hinged frame cover can be opened by mechanical device or hydraulic device. It is recommended that the user set up a lifting device above the rack, which will help you open the upper rack more quickly to replace vulnerable parts or detection equipment. Inspection doors are set on both sides of the rack.

Impact Stand

The machine is equipped with front and rear reaction frames, both of which are of self weight suspension structure. Each reaction frame is supported on the crusher frame separately. When the crusher is working, its normal working position shall be maintained by its own weight; when passing through the iron, the impact frame shall be raised rapidly, and after the foreign matters are removed, it shall return to its original position again. The clearance between the reaction frame and the rotor can be adjusted by the suspension bolt. The reaction lining plate is fixed on the reaction frame with high-strength bolts. The impact lining plate can be replaced from the place with more wear to the place with less wear.

1. Rotor frame 2. Plate hammer 3. Shaft 4. Groove wheel

Transmission Part

The transmission adopts V-belt. The groove wheel matched with the main shaft is connected by expanding sleeve, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly. The speed of the rotor can be adjusted by replacing the motor

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