Basalt Stone Crusher Equipment

Basalt stone crusher machine is based on advanced design concepts, combined with its technological advantages, cooperation with famous universities developed a new high-performance crusher equipment. Such crusher can be adjusted according to the size of the nesting population needs of users, to meet the different needs of users of the material particle size. After a long practice has proved that the basalt crusher is crushing equipment and a new university with its small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio, low power consumption, strong production capacity, uniform particle size and other advantages to win the trust of users worldwide.

Basalt Stone Crusher Equipment Advantages

  • 1. Basalt stone crusher equipment is simple, reliable, low operating cost; crushing chamber deep and no dead zone, improve the ability to feed and yield.
  • 2. Crushing ratio, uniform product size; Gasketed nesting population adjustment device, reliable and convenient, adjustment range, increasing the flexibility of the equipment to meet the requirements of different users.
  • 3. Lubrication system safe, reliable, easy to replace parts, small maintenance workload; energy-saving equipment: single energy saving of 15% to 30%, more than double system energy conservation; noise low, less dust.

Basalt Stone Crusher Equipment Process

Basalt is a hard and tough, and higher silicon content material, belongs more difficult to break in the actual crushing operations, the high cost of broken material. Therefore, the basalt crushing process must be designed reasonable, considering the investment cost of the broken items, we must consider the production costs of the production line. Raw material is basalt crushing operations, loss jaw plate, plate hammer, back plate wear parts such as very high. Therefore, the design of the crushing process, as the choice of laminated crushing principle of equipment to reduce the loss of wear parts. Typical lamination device configuration is two broken jaw or broken jaw plus cone crusher process configuration. If the client on the final stone grain type have higher requirements, you can configure a Impact crusher integral-broken, thus forming a three-stage crushing process configuration. Higher investment costs will inevitably lead to project three-stage crushing, but for long-term operation of the stones factory, three stage crushing to reduce the cost of production is very impressive. This is more difficult to break, like basalt stone materials can also be used in the Impact crusher broken jaw plus two crushing process. However, this will inevitably lead to loss of Impact crusher high of plate hammer, hammer shorter life, a higher proportion of the anti-feeding and other issues, these manufacturers and customers deserve attention.

Basalt Stone Crusher Equipment Application

Basalt stone crusher equipment is the repair of roads, railways, airport runways in the stone of the best materials, with compression and strong, crushing a low value, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, low conductivity, etc. characteristics, application prospects. Basalt stone crusher equipment is widely used in mining, thermal power, cement, ceramics, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials industries, basalt and quartz crusher crusher have to use ultra-low maintenance, reliable performance, low dust, low noise characteristics.

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