Factors Affecting Particle Size Of Cone Crusher

Product particle size is the main process index to measure the quality of stone products. The construction industry has higher requirements for stone product particle size than the mining industry. Especially in concrete aggregates, the increase in pin-like shape will cause the overall compressive strength of the building to decrease, and increase the cement consumption during the construction process. For cone crusher, what are the factors that affect the product particle size?

1.Effect of stroke on particle size

The stroke is the distance from the loose-side discharge port to the tight-side discharge port of the cone crusher. For the convenience of explanation, a single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is used to crush two identical strokes to crush the same stone and compare the finished products. The specific data is shown in the following figure:

As can be seen from the figure above, the stroke has an effect on the particle size of the product. The size of the stroke in a cone crusher depends on the eccentric angle. The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can adjust the appropriate eccentric angle according to actual needs. The method is that the eccentric angle is composed of an eccentric copper sleeve with multiple key grooves and an eccentric sleeve, and different eccentric angles are formed by rotating the eccentric copper sleeve corresponding to different key grooves, so that multiple strokes of 18mm, 25mm, and 32mm can be obtained. In this way, according to the different properties of the ore, combined with the appropriate stroke, the product particle size can be increased.

2.Effect of feeding method on particle size

Uniform circumferential feeding can not only improve the product particle size and throughput, but also make the crushing wall and the mortar wall wear uniformly and prolong the service life.

In actual use, uniform circumferential feeding is achieved through the distribution tray, and the height between the hopper and the distribution tray must be appropriately adjusted. When the height is too high, only a small part of the stone passes through the distribution tray, so that uniform circumferential feeding cannot be achieved. When the height is too low, clogging of the stone is likely to occur, reducing the throughput. In addition, the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can give full play to the capacity of the crusher and increase the granularity of the product when it is full of feed.

3. The effect of cavity type on particle size

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher uses the two cavity types shown in the following figure in use. According to the feedback of the site usage, the use of the improved crushing cavity not only greatly improves the particle size of the product, but also improves the throughput of the crusher. The reasons are analyzed as follows:

  • (1) Longer parallel zone

    The parallel zone changed from the original 96mm to the current 145mm, so that the number of broken cones of the stone in the parallel zone increased from the original 1-2 times to the current 2-3 times. The more crushing times, the better the particle size of the product obtained.

  • (2) The upper half of the crushing cavity is stepped

    After the improvement, the bite angle of the crushing cavity is changed from 22 ° to 16 °. The reduction of the bite angle can pinch larger stones and prevent the stone from jumping up during crushing. In this way, the filling rate of the stone in the crushing cavity is increased, which forms laminated crushing. , Reduce the product pin-like content of the stone, improve the product size. In theory, if the meshing angle is too large, the ore will easily slip in the crushing cavity, reducing the production capacity, and increasing the wear and power consumption of the liner; if the meshing angle is too small, the crushing cavity will be too small and the amount of ore contained The relative reduction will affect the output, and will increase the manufacturing cost of the equipment and the height of the machine.

4.Effect of production line on particle size

The production line has two layouts, open and closed. The open production line is from coarse crushed to medium crushed to fine crushed, and there is no return. The closed production line is coarse crushed to medium crushed to fine crushed. Some products are returned after screening. For secondary crushing.

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