Mobile Crushing Production Line

The mobile crushing production line eliminates the cumbersome structure of the crushing steel construction, foundation, saving a lot of time. Mobile crushing station can be directly selected sites, directly to the site, without transport, directly to finished size. Especially suitable for crushing small venues for construction waste, construction waste crushing. Mobile crushing station while significantly reducing investment costs, but to improve the investment income. Mobile crushing station has crushing equipment at all levels of reasonable matching, unobstructed discharge line, reliable, easy to operate, energy efficient features. Especially good mobility, can extend with the raw material or the construction site, and can be a variety of combinations to meet the needs of different materials.

Mobile Crushing Production Line Advantages

  • 1. One device installation form, eliminating the separate components of the complex field infrastructure installation operations, reduced material consumption hours. Reasonably compact unit space layout, improve the flexibility of field presence.
  • 2. Mobile crusher production line flexible mobility, broken mobile crushing station car sites high, the body is less than the width of a small turning radius for easy trailer operators ordinary highway travel easier rugged field area in the crushing poor road conditions. Entered the site for quick saving time is more conducive stationed reasonable construction area, as a whole crushing process provides a more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration.
  • 3. Reduce material handling costs, can the material for the first line of the field broken, eliminating the material is transported from the scene and then crushing the middle part, which greatly reduces the cost of shipping materials. Another more extended set of broken material directly into the transport wagon bucket turn away from the scene.
  • 4. Direct and effective integration of job action series mobile crushing station can also be used independently of the process for the customer’s material type, product requirements to provide a more flexible process configuration to meet the various requirements of users of mobile crushing, screening and other move, the resulting organization logistics transport more directly and effectively to maximize the reduction of costs.
  • 5. Mobile crusher for primary crushing, fine crushing and screening system can work stand-alone group of independent components of the system can be flexibly configured unit joint operations. Discharge hopper side out to provide a way for screening material handling variety of configuration flexibility, integration unit configuration in addition to diesel generators to power this unit can also be targeted to the process system configuration joint power unit.

Mobile Crushing Production Line

Mobile crushing production line can meet the various needs of users, such as tire type mobile jaw crusher, cone crawler mobile crushing station. Mobile crushing station can be directly crushed ore and rock, thus eliminating the middle part of the transport of the material crushing process, greatly reducing transportation costs. More importantly, noise and dust pollution problems using mobile crushing station has the capability to protect the environment, the production process has also been reasonably resolved.

Mobile Crushing Plant Application

Mobile crushing plant (mobile crusher) is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, utilities and other materials often need to move processing operations, especially for highways, railways, hydropower engineering and other stone work flow, real customers to create a more new business opportunities and reduce production costs.

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